Generating your own solar power for your family and being independent of the electric company is priceless for our security. Although energy is essential for our quality of life we have somehow accepted the notion that “renting” electric every month from the power company is socially acceptable and we carelessly continue paying monthly without ever having ownership. CSG is committed to providing you with the highest quality products at the lowest price while sharing the energy secrets that will reduce and eliminate your homes energy bills. We believe that building more home equity by becoming energy independent is a wise financial move and a moral environmental responsibility. Money not spent on a monthly power bill becomes extra expendable income! CSG is making a difference for a greener tomorrow by shaping the environment for our future generations. Our mission is to provide affordable world class products through efficiency while providing turn-key solutions through the utilization of multiple products which all work in harmony with one another. We provide home owners with little to no money down finance options at a monthly payment far less than the power company. CSG provides quality products through a means of commercial, residential and OEM distribution to help shape the environment for our future generations.

30 plus years of Engineering Experience. Licensed General Contractor in Florida, Licensed Solar Contractor in Florida, Licensed PE; Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas. LEED AP, ANSI level III mechanical/electrical inspector, Certified Mold Inspector.


Patented improvements in HVAC resulting in improved IAQ (indoor air quality). Patent no. 7628026 and Design Patent no. 618777


Specialties: Technical overview and application for mechanical, solar, AC, roofing, windows, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, all renewable energy ( including solar, wind, and biomass) as well as nuclear projects.