Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems



A variable-speed unit adjusts its speed based on current outdoor and indoor conditions, delivering precisely the correct amount of BTUs to satisfy the home building load and perfectly maintaining the thermostat setpoint.



​A typical variable-speed unit is capable of modulating its capacity to meet building loads under outdoor temperatures as low as 7°F in heating mode to as high as 107°F in cooling mode. While modulating, these systems can achieve up to 39 EER—2.4 times the energy efficiency of a single-stage unit under the same conditions. Because inverter-driven solutions operate more efficiently, they perform better AND save on energy costs.

For nearly a century, Rheem® has been committed to engineering the highestquality, highest-performing, highestefficiency products on the market. Our 360º+1 design philosophy takes Rheem’s industry-leading innovation to the next level. We’re building advanced 360º Performance™, 360º Installability™, 360º Serviceability™, and 360º Integration™ into the smallest details of every single product. Then we take it a step further with exclusive PlusOne® Advantages designed to make your job easier—and your customers’ experience better than ever before. That’s 360º+1.

Led by our innovative Prestige® Series models and featuring some of the industry’s best efficiencies1 —up to 54% higher for cooling (up to 20 SEER) and 34% higher for heating (up to 11 HSPF on heat pumps) compared to typical designs2,3—our inverter-driven platform far outpaces singlestage systems, while offering significant benefits over competitive models. For your customers, variable-speed and three-stage inverter-driven technology provides precise, quiet comfort via all-day temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality management enhanced by EcoNet® Air + Water Control compatibility. Durable components throughout, including a Copeland Scroll™ variable-speed compressor, come with a 10-year, limited parts warranty—plus a 10-year, conditional unit replacement warranty*—for added peace-of-mind. For you, there’s exclusive, contractor-friendly features like EcoNet Enabled diagnostics, PlusOne® Expanded Valve Space and PlusOne Triple Service Access for faster, easier installation and servicing. And unlike other brands’, Rheem’s Prestige Series inverter-driven products feature the same high-efficiency ratings across all capacities in a model line4 —so you can give homeowners the right-size unit for their home, without downsizing their energy savings.

Rheem® Prestige® Series Variable Speed Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Rheem® Prestige® Series Variable Speed Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

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