Reducing or eliminating your electric company's monthly power bill simply begins with home energy efficiency. CSG's "INTELLI™" brand product line was designed to significantly reduce your homes energy consumption for just pennies-on-the-dollar and without changing your current energy habits.

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CSG believes everyone should control their own power! Renting your electric utilities each month from the power company can never build equity. Energy costs increase more and more over time and we continue to throw away money just to "rent" electricity. Eliminate your bill for less than your current payment while building real tangible equity in your home, hedging inflation, shaping the environment for future generations and eliminating your monthly power bill for good.


Hassle free 5 minute credit decisions by phone means no more paperwork with our electronic signatures! For a limited time you can take advantage of the Government's 30% Federal tax credit and eliminate you electric companies monthly power bill for little or no money down.

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