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How does "IntelliGuard" Nanoceramic Films control the Sun? The latest technologies in Nanoceramic Films are made from exotic materials with unique spectral properties (ie. materials that will block or transmit solar energy depending on the wavelength). This means Smart Films can block the heat (wavelengths 700 – 2100 nanometres) and the ultraviolet (wavelengths 280 – 400 nanometres) but let through visible light (wavelengths 400 – 700 nanometres) so your home won’t feel dark. Spectrally selective Nanoceramic Films achieve high heat reduction by selectively blocking parts of the light spectrum. The wavelengths associated with infrared and ultraviolet light are blocked while visible light is allowed to pass through. This means a clear spectrally selective film can achieve quite high heat reduction. However, a clear window tinting film will not provide the glare reduction or the privacy some people may seek. "IntelliGuard" film blocks 90% of the infrared and 99% of the ultraviolet spectrum and blocks only as much natural light necessary to eliminate harsh glare and provide privacy. This window tinting film does reduce the level of natural light entering a room but the reduction is not discernable to most people. The film creates what most people describe as a softer, more pleasant, lighting environment.

The "IntelliGuard" Ceramic solar films, bring you the two virtues that are most important: outstanding clarity and superior heat reduction. By using advanced Nanoceramics and not traditional metals or dyes, our film retains its color and appearance over time. The "IntelliGuard" Nanoceramic film will look good and operate at optimal efficiency for the many years to come.

Solar heat comes from two primary sources, the visible light you can see and the infrared light you can feel. The "IntelliGuard" Nanoceramic films reject 99% of harmful UV rays and 90% of Infrared light helping to reduce fading and cracking on your interior furnishings. "IntelliGuard" offers 2 Nanoceramic films which allow you to choose either 70% or 40% of visible light into your home depending on your viewing pleasure. What are your priorities?

"IntelliGuard"IG-NC 7090 Nanoceramic film (clear to slightly tinted appearance) blocks 99%UV 90%IR and allows 70% visible light transmission.

"IntelliGuard"IG-NC 4090 Nanoceramic film (medium black appearance) blocks 99%UV 90%IR and allows 40% visible light transmission.

Dealer rolls come 5ft * 100 feet (500 sq ft)

  • IntelliBond permanently restores A/C to “like new” condition increasing system performance.

  • Drastically reduces Kwh energy consumption providing substantial energy savings.

  • Removes oil fouling and prevents future fouling from clogging the unit.

  • Reduces noise, vibration, enhances heat transfer, reduces oxidation, reduces maintenance, keeps valves from sticking and improves suction and discharge of the compressor.

  • Makes A/c units blow colder air and increases removal of latent heat (moisture in the air) making HVAC systems have less run time which reduces your electric bill.

  • Meets ASTM and ASHREA standards and will not affect manufacturer’s warranty.