HVAC Additive



Solar power hot water does not mean you wiill go without hot water at night. It just means you will not have to rent power from the electric company for your hot water usage.


Heating and cooling accounts for 50% of a typical homeowners power bill. Your HVAC system losses 7% efficiency the first year and 5% the second year of operation and 2% each year thereafter. IntelliBond permanently restores systems back to their like new condition or original energy efficiency rating. IntelliBond reconditions, restores and maintains efficiency by improving heat transfer in condenser and evaporator coils in the air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems. IntelliBond is a metal conditioner and surface modifier that form an electrochemical bond to metal surfaces thru molecular bonding technology that increases lubricity making A/C systems blow colder air and saving energy by having less run time. It is extremely important to note that IntelliBond does not include elements of the halogen group such as chlorine, fluorine, sulfur and phosphorous that form highly corrosive acids like other competitors products. IntelliBond does not contain PTFE (Teflon) or any other particulates like powdered metal of plastics. IntelliBond has been thoroughly endorsed, tested and proven to be the only product of its kind. Whether you own a home or business this energy saving product is an absolute must and a tribute to American engineering.

  • IntelliBond permanently restores A/C to “like new” condition increasing system performance.

  • Drastically reduces Kwh energy consumption providing substantial energy savings.

  • Removes oil fouling and prevents future fouling from clogging the unit.

  • Reduces noise, vibration, enhances heat transfer, reduces oxidation, reduces maintenance, keeps valves from sticking and improves suction and discharge of the compressor.

  • Makes A/c units blow colder air and increases removal of latent heat (moisture in the air) making HVAC systems have less run time which reduces your electric bill.

  • Meets ASTM and ASHREA standards and will not affect manufacturer’s warranty.