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Power Capacitor


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The "IntelliMizer" is the latest energy saving gadget that home and business owners are raving about. The "IntelliMizer" is an electromagnetic pollution control system. This energy saving device slows down the utility company’s power meter by reducing the non-productive current that heats motors and wastes energy in the electrical system. The "IntelliMizer" not only saves you money but keeps motors running cooler, reduces maintenance and extends the life of your motors. Basicaly, the "IntelliMizer" fine tunes the electrical system from the utilities companies inductive KVA electric meter, killowatt hour meter, or demand meter. This fine tuning slows down the operation of the power meter by eliminating wasted energy in the electrical system saving you money and extending the life of your electric motors.

  • Significantly lowers your power bill by reducing non-productive current in your electrical system

  • "IntelliMizer" Fine tunes your electrical system from inductive loads back to the utility company’s meter which slows down the operation of the power meter saving you money

  • "IntelliMizer" eliminates wasted energy that heat up your motors, serves no productive purpose and shortens motor life.

  • Protect your home or business from power surges and spikes by flat lining the algorithmic equation averages in the Kwh meter readings.

  • "IntelliMizer" comes with a 6% energy savings guarantee and typical savings are 6%-14%

  • "IntelliMizer" power factor optimizers are UL approved, ROHS compliant and CSA certified. The IntelliMizer comes with a full twelve (12) year product warranty.

  • This Quality product is proudly made in the USA!

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